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HSC Dance Holiday Intensive
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Designed by Melanie Palomares with Dance Makers Collective

27 - 30 September 2022, 9am - 3pm (Tuesday - Friday)

Hosted at Dance Makers Collective Studio, Seven Hills NSW

$400 + GST

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This thrive holiday intensive program is for students interested, and currently, studying Dance for the HSC. Aligned with the Stage 5 & 6 Dance syllabus, students will participate in a series of masterclasses delivered by leading industry professionals. The program will be focused on developing students' technical skills, group composition skills and dance for film.

The inaugural 2022 intensive will take place in the first week of the Spring school holidays (27th-30th September). Each day will consist of a Contemporary technique class, followed by 2 afternoon sessions which focus on a particular area of Composition. The skills acquired during these sessions can be applied to the study of Dance Composition for HSC, including Core Composition, Major Composition and/or Dance on Film.

Day 1: Generating movement through Improvisation

Day 2: Generating movement with more than one body in space (contact and partner work) creating duets (selection and refinement)  

Day 3: Exploring spatial relationships for group composition

Day 4: Translating dance composition into film



·     5.1.1 demonstrates an understanding of safe dance practice and appropriate dance technique with increasing skill and complexity in the performance of    

combinations, sequences and dances

·     5.1.2 demonstrates enhanced dance technique by manipulating aspects of the elements of dance

·     5.1.3 demonstrates an understanding and application of aspects of performance quality and interpretation through performance

·     5.2.1 explores the elements of dance as the basis of the communication of ideas

·     5.2.2 composes and structures dance movement that communicates an idea


·     P1.3 develops the skills of dance through performing, composing and appreciating dance

·     P2.4 demonstrates appropriate skeletal alignment, body-part articulation, strength, flexibility, agility and coordination

·     P3.4 explores the elements of dance relating to dance composition

·     P3.5 devises movement material in a personal style in response to creative problem-solving tasks in dance composition

·     H1.2 performs, composes and appreciates dance as an artform

·     H1.3 appreciates and values dance as an artform through the interrelated experiences of performing, composing and appreciating dances

·     H2.1 understands performance quality, interpretation and style relating to dance performance

·     H2.2 performs dance skills with confidence, commitment, focus, consistency, performance quality and with due consideration of safe dance practices

·     H3.3 recognises and values the role of dance in achieving individual expression

·     H3.4 explores, applies and demonstrates the combined use of compositional principle sand technological skills in a personal style in response to a specific concept/intent

Capacity is limited to 30 participants. Registrations close Friday 26th August (or when capacity is reached).

The cost of the workshop is $400 +GST for 4 day intensive (9-3pm each day). This program is registered with Creative Kids, vouchers for this program are redeemable on registration.

We understand that workshop prices can sometimes be prohibitive to students and schools with limited resources. To ensure that our programs are financially accessible to everyone, Dance Makers Collective has partnered with Ars Musica Australis to offer limited subsidies on a needs basis. To apply for a subsidy, please email us at

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Dance Makers Collective acknowledge the Darug peoples, the traditional custodians of the land of Western Sydney, whose land we have the privilege to dance and work on. We acknowledge their survival and resilience, and pay respect to Darug Elders past, present and emerging, and recognise their continuing connection to the land, water and community for over 65,000 years.

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