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Education program

Thrive is Dance Makers Collective’s education series for school-aged children to develop skills in dance composition and performance. Current programs include our high school incursion program and our HSC holiday intensive. Thrive is a Creative Kids registered program.

Watch this space, new programs for younger students are currently in development…

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Pitch Lab

Collective Making Intensive

Pitch Lab is a fortnight-long paid intensive for professional dance makers interested in dance collaboration. Participants in the intensive will work with DMC members on the process of generating and articulating ideas with and to collaborators, and share in collective making processes.  

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Make It Happen

Skills Development Program

Take a 9-week crash course in all the things you need to know to make your project happen. Run by DMC's General Manager Carl Sciberras, this program is designed for creatives of any artform area who need targeted skills development in how to be an efficient self-producing creative. The course covers areas such as entrepreneurial management, project management, fundraising, market research, marketing, stakeholder engagement and evaluation, and is designed to help creatives turn ideas into reality.

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Dance On

Seniors Program

Dance is for everyone, not just the young and agile!

Dance On is a bespoke workshop series designed for elderly Australians of all abilities to participate in dance for pleasure, wellness and togetherness.

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Future Makers' Training Program

Workshops for Emerging Dancers

On Thursday evenings starting in late September 2020, Dance Makers Collective and Future Makers, in partnership with PYT Fairfield, present a series of 10 workshops for young and emerging dance artists, led by Sydney's best dance makers.

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Dancer Training Program

In 2019, Dance Makers Collective host rising international stars Kristina and Sadé Alleyne for the inaugural MOBILISE Dancer Training Program.

MOBILISE provides an opportunity for local artists to learn new skills and train with a pioneering international artist or team of artists, without having to travel overseas.  As dancers and choreographers we know first-hand the struggle to continue learning throughout our careers and so have designed a program to bring new and emerging techniques from far away places to our hometown, to connect with artists working internationally and provide an environment where we can train together.

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Dance Makers Collective acknowledge the Darug peoples, the traditional custodians of the land of Western Sydney, whose land we have the privilege to dance and work on. We acknowledge their survival and resilience, and pay respect to Darug Elders past, present and emerging, and recognise their continuing connection to the land, water and community for over 65,000 years.

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