Dancer Training Program

In 2019, Dance Makers Collective host rising international stars Kristina and Sadé Alleyne for the inaugural MOBILISE Dancer Training Program.

MOBILISE provides an opportunity for local artists to learn new skills and train with a pioneering international artist or team of artists, without having to travel overseas.  As dancers and choreographers we know first-hand the struggle to continue learning throughout our careers and so have designed a program to bring new and emerging techniques from far away places to our hometown, to connect with artists working internationally and provide an environment where we can train together.

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High School Program

THRIVE is Dance Makers Collective’s workshop program for high school students to gain further skills in performance and/or composition.  In 2019, DMC will offer this program for Stage 5 & 6 study as we continue to design programs for students in earlier stages in the coming year.

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Dance On

Seniors Program

Dance is for everyone, not just the young and agile!

Dance On is a bespoke workshop series designed for elderly Australians of all abilities to participate in dance for pleasure, wellness and togetherness.

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